Time to plant your pumpkins!

Our annual Pumpkin Day and Country Fair will be held in April 2017. Prizes go to the largest pumpkin etc…

Prepare your patch and buy your seeds now from the club bar during opening hours… A $5 registration fee must be paid when seed are purchased.

Remember, they like a lot of muck and a lot of water so prepare well, and maybe book your forklift well in advance…


Image sourced from: http://tinyurl.com/zgklaly



Spud in a Tub 2017

In January 2017 we will be holding our annual ‘Spud in a Tub’ event where the results of your hard work and vigilant care will be dug, counted and judged unmercifully by our highly qualified panel. Prizes will be awarded and an auction will follow. Last year some folk were so enamored of their babies they had to bid to win them back!

Seed potatoes are available at the club bar during opening hours.

Here is a small glimpse of last years shenanigans!

Hank digs for gold...
Hank digs for gold…



Indoor Sports Night

Our sports night on September 10th was very successful… ! We had 30 people in teams and we were required to wear fun and somewhat bizarre items of clothing as our team identity! Anyone caught not wearing their pink trilby, green tie, shades n sideburns or giant ‘Bridget Jones’ knickers was fined as was anyone overheard swearing. Some creative curses evolved as a result of the latter!

We played darts, pool and indoor bowls, indoor bowls being totally hilarious due to a slight slope in the floor! This was a kind of trial run and scores were muddled and there were no prizes but it was such a brilliant evening that we all ended up winners.

Many thanks to Deidre, Kath and Sherriff Aimee and to all of you who came along and supported the event. Here’s to more of these…!

Sadly there are no photos to share so next time you will have to come along and see for yourself…

Wild Food Tasting Event!

Join us at Nelson North Country Club on June 27th for our Wild Food Tasting event!

Fun and food to be had by all. Our last wild food event was a great success and is back by popular demand. Support your local businesses and come along and try something new! Tickets available from the bar during opening hours, or on the door.






AGM Coming Up!!

Nelson North Country Club inc AGM

Sunday 21st June 2015; Be seated by 5pm.

Please come along and be involved in the decision making process that will set your Clubs direction into the future.