NNCC Hunting & Fishing Competition Results

Congratulations to our winners and many thanks for all your support. See you next year!

Hunting Section Winners

Average Boar, Jamie Allene
Heaviest Boar, Kieron Puklowski
Best Tusks, Caleb Wells
Heaviest Stag, Scott Marks
Average Stag, Ryan Green

Fishing Section winners
Heaviest Snapper, Kevin Bannan
Heaviest Fin Fish, Don Fisher
Heaviest Blue Cod, Gareth Trotter
Largest Crayfish, Blue Chambers

Junior Section – heaviest
Hare, Lewis Lines
Possum, Anton Cory
Goat, Briah Hollyman
Rabbit, Paris Trusler And Kaydon Cory
Mixed bag 1st, Beaudon Bates
Mixed bag 2nd, Archie Knightingale
Most possums, 1st, Lachie Bates, 2nd, Logic Morrison, 3rd, Briah Hollyman


Major Raffle Results

Major raffles results….

1st. D11, PHIL Frost
2nd. A16, Blue Chambers
3rd. K14, Kath Middleton
4th. F1, Daniel Gardiner
5th. G18, Leonie Blanchett

Congratulations, thank you everyone for your support. Huge thanks to our sponsors of the raffle
Glen James Jewellers
Barnacle Bills, Kaikoura
Kaikoura Fishing Tours
Parataune Lodge
Happy Valley Adventures
Cable Bay Shooting


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