Author: Bobby

NNCC Trophy Night 2017

A great year of competition for the darts and pool teams as well as the kids events and  club trophies.

Many thanks to Ken and Brian for their organisation skills and efforts.

Congratulations to all the winners, especially to the one hand shark who walked away with the Committee darts trophy!

A very happy Nigel holding his Pool Singles Champion trophy!

And our awesome Debbie  who won the brand new John Stroud Trophy for the most improved player!

Speed Shear – Awesome Turnout

This year’s Speed Shear was a great success for the club and we are looking forward to an even bigger and better event next year!

Thanks to Glenis and Ken Weaver and everyone who helped organise this, as it takes some doing!

End of Pool Season

The pool team had a fantastic season with a great turnout for every single game.

Many thanks to Dale for his amazing work in organising the Pool Ladder and developing a brilliant new scoring system which actually works!

We held an end of season bash with a special competition involving 2 sets of balls on the table and a pot luck supper.

Thanks to everyone in the Pool team for your support, hope we can do the same next year.

The amazing Debbie Bannan who won our brand new trophy for the most improved player!


Spooky Goings On at NNCC

We are hosting our annual Halloween fancy dress and shared supper at NNCC on Saturday 28th October. We always have fun  and as has become the custom there will be free Tarot readings on offer from our resident witch 🙂

So get your glad rags out, make a plate of something delicious to share, and come and see what the future has in store!

Starts 7.00pm ish….

NNCC Hunting Competition 2017

A big thank you to everyone involved in the fundrasiing, organising and running of our annual Pig Hunt event. A special thanks to Ros and Deidre for their time and effort in doing the impossible!

Great turnout, good to see some female hunters and of course the little people!

One happy kid!

Rai Valley Social Club Visit

Thanks to the Rai Valley Social Club for visiting NNCC for our games day…

Better luck next time, and we look forward to our next visit over to the Rai where we will attempt to thrash you again 🙂

Balloon popping race – in the pink!! The idea is the ballon goes between the two of you 🙂